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Commandline tools to help manage Xen Cloud Platform/Xenserver

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Welcome to Xenapi Admin Tools.

The xe command is great for scripting but not quite as nice in interactive mode. Xenapi Admin Tools are commandline tools to help Xen Cloud Platform/Xenserver administrators manage their clouds from the comandline. Sometimes the tool just presents data in a quick, concise manner and other times it provides wizards to edit/create cloud objects such as Virtual Machines, Storage Repositories, Networks etc..

Xenapi Admin Tools also includes an API and library that helps create tools quickly and efficiently. A lot of functions to gather information from the cloud, sort data and display it has already been written.

To get the tools via git:

$ git clone

Xenapi Admin Tools

The Xenapi Admin Tools are in the xenapi-admin-tools/releases/. Currently the latest release is 4.0. This version number references the Xenapi Admin Tools API outlined in the Xenapi Admin Tools Guide at xenapi-admin-tools/development/Guides/Xenapi-Admin-Tools-_Guide.pdf. In each release is multiple tools with their own version numbers specific to changes within each tool.

Xenapi Admin Tools API

The Xenapi Admin Tools API is stored in Guides at xenapi-admin-tools/development/Guides/. Version 2.0 was the initial specification for Xenapi Admin Tools and was fairly basic. Version 3.0 added array sorting and structure for each section of a Xenapi Admin Tool. It was fully functional, easy to read and easy to develop for. It was however, very slow due to the large number of calls to xe. Version 4.0 is aimed at doing more complex calls to xe and parsing those results via BASH string operators and storing the results in arrays. This change has sped up most scripts from 2x to 10x the speed of their Version 3.0 equivalents. Version 4.0 should be considered beta as not all tools have been ported and not all functionality has been tested.

Authors and Contributors

Xenapi Admin Tools are managed by the Xenapi Admin Project. Current team members are Grant McWilliams @grantmcwilliams, Lisa Nguyen @lisatn, Matthew Spah @mattsface, Michael Webber @mrwebberone and Paul Maack @PaulTMaack.

Support or Contact

Visit the Xenapi Admin Tools wiki at